Take a good look at our modern society. We have enabled the worst of humanity to rise to the top by the tyrannically insane, we have allowed the mentally unstable walking abortions to flourish in our civilized environment with little to no resistance by the current populace Boomer and Millennial alike. Because

These walking abortions to have the audacity to ever call themselves as human beings. Because not only have I been ashamed and disappointed with my own race since I was a child.


I am simply a realist and I have accepted the reality that I am forced to live on this earth with these useless assholes until the day comes that I get to decide through natural selection and eugenics and purify this planet of the undesirables. You won’t even need any religious justification when an objectivist such as myself is very straight-forward and clear.

[divider]JEW WORLD ORDER[/divider]

People willingly exchange their liberty for their own security at the expense of others. There is no other better, finer example than nature’s losers that will always fight tooth and nail until they get their way. This is why when they hit you, you put them back in their place where they clearly belong by hitting them back thousand-fold by making sure they never get back up. This is the true meaning of respect. The weak should fear the strong. It is the law of the jungle and not the law of the cunts. I do not pick a fight with a bear, a lion or even a shark and expect to walk out unscathed simply because of “muh privilige”. Its basic mathematics. If you die, it is simply because you were not strong enough. The best assured way to avoid dying is to either avoid that situation entirely or try changing the environment in your favor. This is why the NWO (New World Order) have such a great advantage because they played their cards right and know the inner workings of human nature far too well. Because when it comes to not having an ounce of morality they are unrestricted and have completely rewritten the rules in their favor. The only way to counter the immoral is with true morality but such people have become such a tiny minority that the only way to survive in such a society is to adapt, survive and slowly bide their time.

[divider]THE JEWS LIED LIBERTY DIED[/divider]

The financial elite have finally won, we the commoners have lost, there is absolutely no point in fighting against it anymore. In this modern age we are nothing but mere slaves and all we did was exchange iron shackles for mental ones. I myself am a victim of that and I am not denying it either. I fall victim to such life’s pleasures such as video gaming, junk food and relaxation but I am always prepared and aware for when the SHTF by being a prepper. Because not only has the NWO slowly chipped away at our rights but they are quickly progressing exponentially each day. Because if the average person truly desired freedom we would have been free of this tyranny very long ago, but we haven’t because the average person does not value freedom simply because they do not want the responsibility of fighting for that freedom. Because that would require risk and very few people in history have ever taken such high risks in investing in their sweat, blood and tears in exchange for this freedom. It is very easy to take it for granted when somebody else does the fighting for you. That is why I feel despair for all the soldiers that have fought and died in vain throughout the ages only for the weak people to always take it for granted like they always have. It is an endless cycle but instead of mankind changing and evolving for the better it only seems to changing for the worse. There is an old wise proverb that can summarize human history in just a few simple words.

[divider]STUPIDITY IS A DISEASE[/divider]

This explains why feminism, communism, socialism and fascism continues to perpetually exist even though it has been historically debunked limitless times only to always repeat the same dumbass mistakes over and over again meanwhile blatantly ignoring the endless body count about an estimated 160+ million to be exact and these disgusting ideas have only existed within the last 100 years. This is not even including the previous wars throughout history before the inception of WW1 that was supposedly the war to end all wars. It isn’t the weapons that are the problem, it is the tyranny of the beta-cucks that always continue to rule over the alphas. People have this mindset that being an alpha guarantees all of life’s wealth, power and women without ever realizing how incredibly difficult and challenging it is to even get there. The fact that a man must go through so much hardship to risk not only your life but your sanity, spirituality and most all your health. This is why that whenever I witness an alpha male I am rather glad not to take such responsibilities. Because I am fully aware of the sacrifices that I would have to make otherwise risk losing absolutely everything by the skin of my teeth.


The average person commonly known as the “sheeple” which is a play on words of people and sheep are merely rounded up like domesticated animals and are easily dominated and controlled by their superior the shepherd. This is where the page of the bible “Jesus is my shepherd” 10:1-16 comes from. Because you would have to be a sheep to blindly follow a man whom you would consider superior to you without ever questioning your master’s authority. This is why dominance exists. This is why most men are at the top of the hierarchy for a reason. This is why alpha males are at the very top and get to decide who lives or dies, who he gets to fuck with and makes sure people do exactly as they are ordered without question. You can fool yourself with your delusional thoughts thinking that I am merely bullshitting with my “rhetoric” but you will have plenty of time to think about it when your head is at the end of a chopping block with your involuntary suicide. It is only natural for stupid people to commit suicide by making poor decisions but I consider it to simply be based on cause and effect. A person will always continue making the same mistakes because they refuse to change based on their nature. It is permanently hard-wired into your biological system until you can mentally alter it through discipline.