War on Toxicity Will Always Fail

The left have been and always will be anti-freedom, pro-degeneracy and have the worst of what humanity has to offer. It is even worse when they have been given power to what we can or cannot say or do cannot do within sane reason. If you call out Discord moderators for engaging in a pedophile ring you are the one that will get banned, censored, shut down and treated as the criminal. These are the very same people that call you toxic when you call them out for performing poorly in multiplayer games. It has been embedded and normalized that if anyone gives you any form of criticism whatsoever that you are to be labeled as being toxic, salty or some other nu-male lingo of the year.

I come from the ‘Golden age of Video Games’ of the early 2000’s where you could toughen up a fellow gamer by calling them a faggot for sucking at video games, the philosophy of that chad gaming era was either “GIT GUD OR GET OUT!” now it’s been cucked  by the left with “GIT GAY OR GET OUT, NAZI!” where society has enabled the worst of humanity such as the mentally, physically and spiritually weak to be put on pedestals of power simply due to their victim-hood to decide what can or cannot be said prioritizing that bullshit instead of focusing on making good games.

Because the United States hasn’t had any real wars for almost two decades this has allowed beta cucks to roam freely unchallenged by chads only for the good times to finally come to an end during 2014. This also happens to be the time of the ‘Golden Age of The Internet’. Because pretty much everything after that was pretty gone to shit and will remain that way until the entire economy crashes and finally starts the 2nd  Civil War that we always wanted and hopefully WW3.

We are now experiencing the The ‘Dark Age of  Video Games’ where SJWs decide what is a good game such as the disastorous The Last of Us Part 2. Because they also happen to also control every mainstream social media, communities and news outlets. They can now ban you from your own video games that you have bought. You are not even safe from single player either. This is why video game piracy has made a huge comeback to spite these companies that support this bullshit.

This has allowed this SJW mind-virus to seep into the younger generations by allowing them to snitch, bitch and cry toxicity on everyone and anyone that disagrees with them. You are no longer allowed to call a shit player a punkass anymore without fearing of having your account banned for saying mean words on the internet. You can even get banned outside of their games. Don’t believe me? Read it from Forbes about Blizzard’s Toxicity Witchhunts.

Nevertheless, I have a hard time getting riled up by these fears. Blizzard has no incentive to ban players for acting poorly outside of the game itself. However, they can use game footage on YouTube or reddit discussions about the game to identify patterns of abusive behavior. There are ways players can get around the normal channels of reporting and suspension and this gives Blizzard more tools in their toolkit to identify toxic players and take appropriate action. Could this system be abused? Sure. But then so too can any normal reporting system where players can gang up on a teammate and report them for no good reason.

Jeff Kaplan can ban anyone and everyone just because they can meanwhile using leftist-dogmas as a cover to get away with their crimes. Because the corrupt seek power when they never truly earned it to begin with especially with this Jewish faggot being one of them.

I always push the limit on how to get banned from a certain game or platform just to see how much of a closet SJW they truly are. I enjoy having to figure out what makes them tick and what words are filtered and how to get around them. It is a pointless endeavor that will never achieve or accomplish anything only to increase the toxicity even more by having players lash out against the system by throwing matches, griefing or feeding the enemy team. I have already found ways to protest against these companies on a whim if they ever decide to piss me off or certain toxic players being toxic to me only to have it blow up in their face. My watchers on Twitch enjoy watching me being a tactical troll in the lobby by crushing them like a furry behemoth massacring an entire city with my giant dick.

Because the “medicine truly is worse than the disease” and yes I do abuse the the very same reporting system that these soyboy retards implemented by reporting everyone I don’t like just because I can. I even go out of my way to report the very same players multiple times in different lobbies only to smugly and secretly smile knowing full well that they will get banned or suspended. You can call me a hypocrite for all I care as long as you accept the fact that I wasn’t the one that created this dumbass system in the first place and the community of angry incels that have no problem censoring me from a game that I paid for with my hard earned money only to be used against them but better. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. If I am going to get censored, I will censor you even harder and ruin your online experience too.