Truth About The Overwatch Boot Camp Project

My videos are not designed to “help” other players. That has never been the intention and never will be. Because I know that 99% of the playerbase is absolutely TOO FUCKING RETARDED to even comprehend the idea that they need to GIT GUD much less realize that they cannot accept the fact that they simply suck major donkey dick at the game and never bother to even have the urge to even do the proper research to understand the proper game mechanics. I created them for myself to challenge my skills on how to save,record and analyze as an archive to never forget these skills that I have learned. They are comparable to a chemist recipe or a Star Wars holocron.

I already took the previous route of making quality videos before in the past to analyze as well as help fellow gamers only to realize that it was both fruitless and pointless. Because not only did I get disrespected and hated for being too good at the game. I was also hated and ostracized for owning all of the weapons for simply outperforming the rest of my peers. It is commonly known as the tall-poppy syndrome. This is not the first time that this has occurred to me before. I am more wary and jaded than ever. This is only proof that average people are in fact lazy and complacent with their own mediocrity. It sickens and saddens me that even though I had their best intentions at heart: they objectively hate anyone that outperforms them at a meritocratic manner.

If you happen to be reading this article then you are the 1% of my viewership intelligent enough to even visit this site much less have the decency to even question the type of person that I truly am. I have grown tired over the years imagining that I could make a change for the better when in fact it only makes things worse. You came her out of your own volition simply because you had the will and desire to be here to see the truth for yourself above all else. It is tragic that the truth is unkind and uncaring as will I.