The fact that anyone considers bitcoin as real money are only fooling themselves. You can sit on a throne of gold and silver but you can’t sit on a throne of bitcoin. Because bitcoin requires electricity to store,transfer and most of all generating that blockchain into existence. How is this any different than a money printer exactly? At least with fake money you can wipe your ass with it,burn it for warmth and use it as wallpaper. You cannot of course use bitcoin or utilize it for any other matter. Because bitcoin is a ponzi scheme. It is no different than from a cult. You have a fictional inventor of bitcoin with the pseudo-name “Satoshi Nakamoto” when it was in fact created by the United States government to brainwash these morons into accepting this fake digital currency and normalizing this type of stupid behavior.

The banking cartels are mentally indoctrinating the average sheeple into accepting this dystopian nightmare that will blow up in the face of every bitcoin user. Don’t get bit by the bitcoin poison! There is absolutely no reason why bitcoin should be more valuable than gold! If that doesn’t prove that bitcoin is in a bubble than what is? There are massive amount of retards that think that a crypto-currency is actual money. It seems that no matter how hard you try to convince these bitcoin retards that they are inadvertently dooming themselves into thinking that a digital currency printer would make them rich only to realize that they are holding one of the most volatile assets that will eventually bring their own demise. They will voluntarily create their own chains and convert you into a digital slave, only to be just another cog in the banking machine. It’s even sadder that the even the so-called “truthers” that are part of the “truth movement” with their mental masturbation pretending to be “woke” only to be taking the pseudo-redpill only to jump from one indoctrination to another.

Th fact that they have learned nothing only proves that humanity continues to tragically repeat themselves in an endless loop. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You cannot get something for nothing. You cannot bear fruit without water and soil. You cannot gain power without sweat,blood,tears and toil. This is the law of equivalent exchange. The government is fully aware and prepared to systematically wipe out every single pseudo-redpiller with one-fell-swoop seducing these crypto-currency users and holding them accountable for unpaid taxes or downright making it illegal to own or transact with any form of crypto-currency and rounding up these blind sheeple and silencing them for good. It is a well thought out and sinister plan. Mark my words. Bitcoin users WILL be made an example of and they already have.


Before we discuss about the difference between money and bitcoin. We need to define what is money. The difference between money and currency is that currency is affected by inflation meanwhile money is not. This is why money is usually made out of metal and currency is made up of paper. A piece of metal does not shrink and or expand and it’s value grows over time as there is less metal being dug out of the ground as it requires more energy to mine it. A currency can easily be printed into existence and waters down it’s value as more of it is produced. It is a promissory note created by a government which is an I.O.U. promising to back that currency with gold,silver or oil. A bitcoin of course is just a promise between two people and nothing else. It isn’t even enforced by any law by either man or nature to objectively prove that it will retain it’s value. Because monopoly money is even more real than any blockchain technology which is easily comparable to a serial number. I highly recommend you watch TruthNeverTold in regards to his bitcoin videos. They are enlightening and are updated weekly.

[divider]WHAT IS MONEY?[/divider]

The 1st rule is that money must be used as a store of value. Because bitcoin is digital it can only be stored in the digital realm and not in the physical realm and must require the use of electricity and can be easily be altered or destroyed therefore, it can be duplicated at an infinite amount. A (physical) bitcoin is no different than a flash-drive or an SD card. Because once an EMP wave hits your area your bitcoin would not only become worthless it isn’t even worth the electrons it was generated from. A gold or silver coin requires no electricity,it can be melted down and divided into multiple parts and it exists in the physical realm. You can watch this video to get a good understanding of what money truly is.

[divider]BITCOIN IS BEING TRACKED[/divider]

The largest holders of bitcoin are the FBI when the Silk Road: a business that sells illegal drugs,weapons and other criminal services on the deep web. This is not even including the “confiscation” of drugs,weapons and other assets that they managed seize. If you think the government is incapable of catching and tracking your online purchases think again! Only a fucking idiot would think otherwise. The IRS now considers any and all virtual currency as property that will be used to file for your taxes. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Because not only did the government secretly invent the crypto-currency scam, you are ironically producing these block-chains at your own expense only for the government to double-dip but triple-dip by taxing you for it and taking advantage of the gullible retards stupid enough to produce them. To be able to produce 1 single bitcoin it will require 1 week’s worth of electricity for all of the appliances that the average citizen uses for a single home. There are several sources to compare this too that you can read in full detail.