Titanfall 2 OLD


This game is unworthy of ever regarding itself as a sequel. It may as well be titled Titanfall Beta Forever due to being an unfinished product stripped from the original only to scam even the most casual gamer into literally purchasing the same game twice.

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The player count for Titanfall 2 dwindled to a mere 2% for both on PC and consoles in less than 2 months. A lot of so-called “journalists” are going to claim that Titanfall 2 failed because of an “over-saturated” FPS market but they are always wrong. Because Overwatch currently reached well over 30+ million in game sales and counting. Battlefield 1 and Rainbow Six: Siege has reached past 20+ million in game sales and their player counts are consistently high with at least 2.2 million players actively online. These are three different game companies released at different times on different platforms. The fact that Titanfall 2 was released on the same quarter as BF1 and solely placing the excuse on that reason is an absolute lie. The real reason why Titanfall 2 bombed was because the game was ultimately bad. What did they honestly think that releasing an unfinished, incomplete, broken, unstable game riddled with microtransactions and locked content was going to get them anywhere? Exactly. Your customers will always buy your game as long as the product is good. This is why Nintendo is still making steady game sales for nearly half a century because they do not release unfinished games. Period.

[divider]WHAT KILLED TITANFALL[/divider]

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The biggest problem with the Titanfall franchise is that the developers are not creating anything new or innovative and are in fact following the same exact COD formula without adding anything of value with the same exact killstreak system as every other Call Of Duty before it and earning your Titan as a reward when in fact they should be focusing more on the robots and the environments such as being able to level entire buildings, knock down trees, obliterate boulders and allow your Titan to be worth savoring. It is rather ironic that the campaign allows you to have a strong relationship with your Titan meanwhile on multiplayer your Titan can be obliterated in the matter of seconds completely disregarding the importance of ever considering your Titan as an extension of your own body. You are the titan and the titan is you. It just shows how your Titan is just another disposable killstreak only to be used and thrown away. I am always forced to eject out of my Titan in less than a minute because the enemy Titans are either too far away or there are dozens of walls and buildings blocking my path and line of sight with pilots happily camping inside chipping away at my health when heading towards my destination and the useless grunts and Reapers only serve to distract you from your actual targets. The enemy pilots that lag across the map make it nearly impossible to even hit them with their terrible netcode and hit detection.

[divider]THE GRUNT AI IS A JOKE[/divider]

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The fact that the grunt A.I. is absolutely terrible and this is on normal difficulty. The game developers only raise the so-called “difficulty” of the game by simply raising the amount of damage that they do and not how advanced they are at kicking your ass. This is no different than most zombie horde games that most gaming companies do. The fact that these grunts move in such an unrealistic fashion and constantly miss their shots at point blank with an automatic shotgun only to easily get slapped in the face. This is almost as challenging as using a nailgun in a room full of balloons. This is what $60+ gets you in the campaign mode and don’t expect multiplayer to be any different either.


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The real reason why Titanfall 2 lost 99% of it’s playerbase in less than 40 days is the fact that you have to spray and pray at your enemy target only for it to delay by 2-4 seconds each time and not even register your shots correctly. To make matters worse your melee attacks don’t even kill on the spot even when it is a direct hit via the inescapable grapple. The fact that these idiotic developers are still using the same outdated buggy gold-engine as every other cookie-cutter game company out there and not EA’s famous Frostbite. I did not suffer as much netcode or lag on PVZ GW2,BF3,BF4 and BFBC2 which continues to run rather smoothly. I hardly doubt that Respawn wants to be taken seriously and only prove how truly arrogant they are by releasing an unfinished product as they have done in the past.


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The grunts have always been a terrible idea n multiplayer since Titanfall 1. This is the worst game feature that needs to seriously be removed for a good reason. They are merely a distraction from your real goal: killing enemy pilots. The fact that this game forces you to attack grunts deliberately or accidentally. Their only major purpose is to serve as cannon fodder. I simply walk right over them to garner some points while I wait for the next enemy pilot to get obliterated by my hand. They don’t even serve as a challenge and even more they cause the server to lag. The purpose of these grunts is to intentionally feed noobs who suck at killing enemy pilots and serve as a substitute to raise their killstreak meter and get rewarded towards their next boost or titan-drop. To make matters worse the game developers intentionally designed them to make it harder to distinguish them from the enemy pilots. You can literally just blend in with the crowd of grunts only for an unsuspecting enemy player to walk past you and attack them with a nasty surprise. They even put the extra effort in animating the Spectres to move just like pilots with jump jets leaping across rooftops.

[divider]CHEATING IS RAMPANT[/divider]

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Be prepared to deal with a lot of hackers and cheaters. In fact this game has no anti-cheat security. Titanfall 1 only punish cheaters by forcing them to play with other cheaters. They only penalize you based on your stats and doesn’t use Punkbuster by reading what type of cheating tools that you are currently using. To make matters worse these cheaters continue to go unchallenged for months at a time without ever being banned even with countless reports held against them. This is what happens when cheaters run amok and allow this type of behavior when left unchecked. This is another reason why Titanfall failed as a franchise and refuse to taken themselves seriously by releasing a poor quality game. The fact that these developers act surprised is even more concerning.

[divider]GLITCHES GALORE[/divider]

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I fell victim to Respawn’s terrible grapple glitch only to get catapulted into the air and land directly on top of an enemy reaper and mercilessly get obliterated in an instant. There are a lot of glitches in this game and even after a year of reviewing it, a lot of glitches have continued to go unpatched. Because not only did they release an unfinished product they expect you the consumer to waste your precious time reporting these bugs on the forums when they won’t even bother reading 97% of these reports. There is no incentive in fixing bugs on an unfinished game that was already doomed to fail at launch. This is the major reason why nobody should be pre-ordering these games at all in the first place. I doubt most gamers would stop doing this anytime soon.

[divider]YOU SWINDLED US[/divider]

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I have already put well over 100 hours into this game and I haven’t even unlocked 30% of the skins available. You have to unlock the skins for each individual weapon, for each individual titan and you have to do it all over again with their retarded “regeneration” unlocking system. That’s right, you have to unlock your weapons, boosts, abilities and everything else from the beginning. I have no idea who’s idea was this at Respawn but this is probably the worst business decision to have ever been implemented into a game. Because not only have I paid $60+ for a fully paid game. I have to grind for the content that I have already paid for with diminishing returns. The biggest sin that a game developer could ever commit is to waste their customer’s time. We the Titanfall community will not forgive, we will not forget and most of all we will never buy their shitty games at their ridiculous prices ever again.

[divider]RIDICULOUS GRINDING[/divider]

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But wait! There’s more! Not only does it become an endless cycle where you have to not only grind and restart unlocking all of your weapons and abilities multiple times through regeneration you also can’t even unlock the execution animations that Respawn invested so much time showing off in their game trailers. I have already wasted well over 100+ hours into this game and I have to unlock these animations by doing certain achievements that are not only incredibly vague and difficult as hell but I MUST use certain execution animations as a milestone to unlock the next follow-up execution animation that I desire. This is more proof that this carrot-on-a-stick grinding system has been abused relentlessly to try and trick their customers into putting ridiculous game times only for the sole purpose of tricking their game investors into thinking that these game times are legit when they are not. Because not only did it not work it actually had the opposite effect and caused their customers to lash out and not even bother putting in these ridiculous game hours for a game animation that will ever be rarely used with such low player counts.


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You are forced to buy all of the best content that was originally supposed to be included in the game but this time with real money, even though you had already purchased the full game. They are fully aware of what they are doing and are merely swindling their customers by double-dipping their profits in an already failing game. This of course also turned against them and damaged their base game sales and their reputation for good. I doubt that Respawn will be able to have the sufficient funds for Titanfall 3 but by then people have already gotten tired of being cheated out of their hard-earned money.

[divider]BULLSHIT DEATHS[/divider]

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The amount of unjustified bullshit deaths is pandemic. You will die a lot and not because you are bad at the game but because the game is full of bugs, glitches, massive netcoding issues, lag and most of all your noobish team mates ruining your online experience, most of these battles will be absolutely hectic, crowded and an absolute shit-show. For example as soon as I took the battery out of the enemy titan my team mate got in the way of my titan drop only to accidentally rodeo my own team mate, only to hop off of him and then accidentally put myself in direct line of fire of an laser shot that was intended for him. The fact that this idiot is charging into an enemy electric smoke to melee attack even though he’s a scorch. This will happen more often than you think, only for your cancerous team mates to never take responsibility of their stupid actions and solely put the blame on you. This game caters to this type of retarded behavior and allowing them to deliberately ruin matches and cause a large majority of players to leave the match constantly.


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Hyper a popular youtuber that uploads content of ridiculous reloading weapon animations actually animated all of the weapons on Titanfall 2. The fact that he did a great job with such detail but I think his talent got put to waste involving himself with a notorious game company such as Respawn.

[divider]FOOL US TWICE[/divider]

Why is Titanfall 2 called Titanfall 2? Because you paid for the same game TWICE! The irony of that statement is even more hilarious when you buy a slightly updated version of the game that is not even a sequel but in fact a stripped down version from the last game with half of the original content removed and replaced with filler with no real substance. For those of you that are unaware,the Titanfall 1 development team Respawn Entertainment were in fact senior employees of Activision that got fired for supposedly “breaching their contract and insubordination” if that doesn’t sound like the tone of a fascist then I don’t know what is. The fact that this game was already in development in advance before Titanfall 1 was even hitting store shelves goes to show you that they had already known in advance that Titanfall 1 was going to suck with poor sales. The fact that Respawn Entertainment are doing the best they can to prevent any real transparency on the exact number of their playerbase in real-time on any website which is already a known company standard in the modern gaming industry since the early 2000’s.


  • The ability to customize your Titan loadout down to the customized name,chassis,voices,languages and your choice of weapons.
  • The ‘Ice Pick’ ability is no longer a feature to hack turret control panels and Spectres.
  • The turret buildings have also been removed.
  • The walk and sprint speed have been reduced by an estimated 30%.
  • The Burn Cards have been replaced with Boost instead which you gain for killing pilots and doing certain objectives.
  • The red and blue visuals to see through walls have been replaced with a ridiculous difficult to see color orange.
  • The game isn’t even a sequel when none of the maps (except Angel City) from the previous title are not even in the playlist.
  • The game is more focused in an industrial theme instead of the nature driven swamps,deserts,oceans and even in fucking space stations.

[divider]NO SUCH THING AS FREE DLC[/divider]

You have no idea how much it annoys me when your modern ignorant gamer thinks that just because Respawn decided to release their DLC for “free” does not mean it is an expansion but in fact they are already finishing what they should have been included during since day 1. For those of you that are too young to remember; There was no such thing as DLC. They were originally called expansion packs. You would originally buy a fully finished product and then 4 months to a year later we would receive an expansion pack of the game at half the cost that included additional new content that was originally not included in the game. Command and Conquer is a fine example of how to correctly publish a game. It is these poor business practices that exploits their customers specifically targeted to the young and ignorant completely oblivious and unaware of the fact that they are being taken advantage of.

[divider]MULTIPLAYER IS DEAD[/divider]

The player count for Titanfall 2 PC multiplayer was only a mere 11,000+ between November and December of 2016 and now the playerbase has dropped to a mere 1800+ in March 2017 which is a poor sign of player interest in the game. I mostly focus on PC gaming because consoles are completely irrelevant because it isn’t part of the master race. This is why I never pre-order games and I always wait when the game is on sale 50% off or more so I won’t have to waste my hard earned money on half-baked games. This is the pinnacle of AAA gaming and the second video game crash is rather long overdue. The only people who frequently keep supporting this bullshit games are either ignorant parents buying them for their kids or apathetic casual gamers that simply “want to have fun”. The irony is that Titanfall 1 was incredibly over-hyped and I was not the least bit interested in buying the game during it’s first release. In fact I had waited almost 1 year and 6 months until the price dropped to a mere $10 including all of the DLC. I literally had saved $$120+ buying an unfinished game that was supposedly the next “COD KILLER”. What a load of crock. The fact that every single popular gaming JewTuber were being total sellouts hyping the game up as much as possible only to watch the game flop in less than 2 months. The multiplayer population had dropped by over 95% and the only ones who still remain are either those that buy the game on special sale or hackers or cheaters that come back online to have their egos stroked.

[divider]ACTION BUNDLE[/divider]

The only way this game could have ever been published was if another team in the same company was already working on the game in advance. How do I already know this? Titanfall 1 was released on April 8th, 2014 and it’s sequel was also released on October 28, 2016 which is exactly 934 days which in total is 2 years, 6 months, 20 days. Which is very disheartening because it has taken them this long to come up with another half-baked title what they consider to be a sequel mostly because they were fully aware that this is the best that they can do and are at their limit. What is even more disappointing is the fact that this game was released especially during the holiday season without any polish or bugs worked out. The game was literally released in an unfinished manner and there was a lot of disconnections, poor netcode and lag plaguing the servers. This heavily impacted their sales by releasing Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 in an already “over-saturated” FPS market next to Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare at the same time and EA being the absolute geniuses that they are, sold both games as a digital deluxe bundle for $149.99 because EA knew that the only way to get people to buy Titanfall 2 was to fool them into doing so.

[divider]CAMPING IS THE PROBLEM[/divider]

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You cannot possibly have a game that is solely dedicated to parkour meanwhile you decrease the walk and sprint speeds to an absolute sluggish level. You also cannot have a game that promotes camping such as sentries, amped walls and particle shields. This not only rewards camping but also punishes players that decide to go parkour out in the open only to get gunned down by a camping sniper. It is an absolute embarrassment that even COD and BF players alike are admitting that Titanfall simply has too much camping and inadvertently promotes it. The game would have been better if the sentries could fly and follow you around and you could give it commands to commit certain tasks just like the Titans. Respawn is either lazy or has very little imagination committed to the game.