The Worst Kinds of Overwatch Players That Blizzard Supports

The Trash

There are mountains of trash in this game and Blizzard has made it your mandatory job to carry these walking abortions to the finish line and process these heaping piles of garbage into something of value and get nothing in return. That’s right it is 100% rigged to force you to carry these idiots in their communist utopia that is Blizzard’s matchmaking system. These trash players consist of the worst players imaginable despite the hundreds of hours that they play they still continue to suck major donkey dick in this game,period. Blizzard absolutely hates and loathes the Pareto Principle where 20% of the skilled players will always carry 80% of the team. I literally smurfed with a new account and this proved that I would carry my team to the point where the enemy team couldn’t even come out of their spawn.

The Retard

I’m Torbjorn! Ready to throw! You will encounter a lot of retards that have absolutely no concept about the game that simply go attack Torb,attack Bastion and especially attack Widow and never really bother pressing the information button,read from the dozens of wiki articles that are publicly available and have been scattered across the net. I am even dedicating my precious time to educate these retards so they can unfuck themselves if they ever choose to. A retard will always be a retard because they refuse to change for the better.

The Cancer

You know these kinds of people. The narcissists that think they know everything about the game and continue to blame their team by calling them toxic like a petulant child that simply won’t get their way. The moment they begin to lose they either continue to use the same dumbass hero and downright refuse to go support where they clearly belong and are always the first ones to leave the match taking their bitch tears along with them the moment they see the red defeat screen. These are the same idiots that join clans simply because they suck so much they rely on others to carry them or just turn to hacking or aimbotting.

The Feminist

These are the cunts ruined gaming everybody. A platform mostly populated by men because of our competitive nature. We are problem solvers and innovators and the ones that bitch and complain that bring absolutely nothing of value are women like Anita Sarkeesian. They write the most retarded and ignorant articles poossible on how Overwatch is sexist,why the Overwatch community is “toxic” and Blizzard needs to create a safe space for them and why there isn’t enough women in the Overwatch League. If you are a MGTOW you are already fully enlightened about the subject. These are also the very same cunts that clearly suck at the game and expect all of the thirsty manginas and cucks t0 carry them and silence any and all opposition about any criticism held against them. I have encountered too many of these cunts bleeding from the mouth that clearly escaped from their husbands kitchens and return to their call of duty and keep their dicks moisturized.