The Decline of Overwatch

You are going to witness a fully destructive, savage, rant of incalculable proportions. Because my girth is too big for most of your tight boy-pussies to the point of splitting you faggots in half.

Let me indulge myself a little as a redpilled journalist:
<h1>FUCK ALL Y’ALL!!!</h1>
You pretentious Overwatch streamers and youtubers are finally having a discussion about the decline of Overwatch now of all times?
Do you have any idea what it’s been like trying <a href=””>to inform you crayon-eating retards for the last 3 years?!</a> Oh wait. You knuckle-dragging morons not only decided to ignore the facts countless times and simply brush it off as another conspiracy theory even though there is <a href=””>OVERWHELMING ADAMANTIUM HARD PROOF OF EVIDENCE</a> already provided years ago only go ignored because you idiots are just too stupid to realize that you’ve been played this entire time.

You gigantic cunts finally decided to have a discussion about the poor state of the game after millions of Overwatch players have already left the game entirely during the first 6 months after it’s original release. Do you know why you narcissistic, attention seeking whores are finally showing a single iota of concern about the current state of the game?
The fact that you cocksuckers were too busy shilling for Blizzard and now that the Overwatch gold rush has run dry and you parasites have accepted the fact that the Overwatch hype-train has finally run out of steam and there isn’t another popular FPS for you to leech off of anymore.
You never once cared about the game otherwise you would have taken the time to do actual real research in finding out the real problems plaguing Overwatch. How about you expose <a href=””>Activision-Blizzard’s profiting millions with their patented rigged matchmaking system</a> or maybe how about you call out <a href=””>Jeff Kaplan blaming paying customers for the slow updates.</a>How about <a href=””>Blizzard stops censoring his customers from being able to communicate</a> between each other which is the real reason why players have been deciding to throw even harder or <a href=””>how lootboxes are heavily tied to the matchmaking system making it into a subversive P2W game.</a>

The only reason why you jackoffs are featuring yourselves on each others channels is because you are all fighting for whatever scraps that are left of the Overwatch playerbase that is showing meager interested in this dying game. It is known as the law of diminishing returns. You have become so heavily invested into this game because there are no other games out there left for you faggots to make yourselves stand out and would simply fall into absolute obscurity.

You idiots have been discussing about the exact same formulaic talking points for years only catering to the lowest common denominator with absolutely zero substance. I have went through hundreds of Overwatch videos actively searching thoroughly for videos that would have something worst talking about and guess what: they weren’t even popular channels to being with.

Don’t give me this horse-shit just because I am not popular channel. I get attacked for telling people what they NEED TO HEAR not for what they WANT TO HEAR. Because reality doesn’t give a shit about your precious fee-fees. I had the balls to call out Blizzard for what they were: a greedy game company dominated by Social Justice Wankers silencing people for simply stating the truth and nothing else.

What is even worse is that you fucking sheep are just as guilty for the current state of Overwatch as well. You silence anyone that points out the objectively obvious by any means necessary by deleting, reporting and censoring paying customers by labeling them as toxic. Because the most toxic people are ones that don’t have the common sense to mute people they don’t like or even better mute themselves.

I have noticed that most popular Overwatch streamers have systematically decided to discuss about the poor state of the game within days of each other as is these professional autists ever had anything of value to add to the conversation. You can easily google search these videos by using keywords such as: decline of Overwatch, state of Overwatch and Quitting Overwatch.

<a href=””>Unit Lost made a video on Oct 15, 2018.</a>

<a href=””>Seagull made a video on November 15, 2018.</a>

<a href=”″>Seagull, Jayne, Surefour &amp; XQC all decided to meet each other on November 15, 2018</a> and by the way Surefour is a known aimbotter.

<a href=””>Blizzard Guides on November 18, 2018</a> what a funny coincidence.

<a href=””>Cliff Terios made a video on November 23, 2018.</a>

<a href=””>Aria Rose just as a bonus even though her video deserves to be on top on September 9, 2018.</a>

I know there are probably dozens of other videos but I was able to piece together a timeline of this pattern on how incredibly invested these people are. Why even bother honestly. I’m just a fucking nobody so why should anyone give a shit about what I have to say. It’s not like I’ve been censored, silenced and outright banned from the Blizzard forums and ingame chatting for stating objective observable reality.