Rigged Matchmaking

This WILL be implemented. I guarantee it. Just not in the way everyone is thinking. This won’t match highly skilled players against low skill players. Oh no. This is far more insidious and subtle.

What will end up happening is players will be broken down by skill just like they are now, but if you buy a lot of stuff in game you’ll be placed in a slightly lower skill bracket. Not so much lower that you’ll stomp all over everyone but low enough that you’ll consistently win.

The level of manipulation is as brilliant as it is disgusting. The person spending money will be winning a bit more than they would otherwise, which keeps them happy which makes them spend more. The person not buying microtransactions will be being beaten by those wearing flashy shiny outfits and stuff, which will make them start to subconsciously equate that kind of thing with skill.

This is the kind of avarice and manipulation that makes Satan jealous he didn’t think of it first. There is not a sufficient word in the English language to adequately express how utterly contemptuous and vile I find this.