Red Pill Mask

The great curse of redpill knowledge is realizing that you are completely surrounded by the most dominant force on earth: the dreaded bluepiller. I have already discussed about this particular subject thoroughly in an earlier article. At an early age we eventually build up a natural mask to conceal others from our true intentions, there are even those are so proficient at it that they can craft multiple masks for every occasion and with a sleight of hand they can create new masks if necessary whenever they lose an argument, are physically threatened or if their lives are in dire danger. It simply serves as a survival strategy to protect their own personal interests.

This skill becomes an absolute necessity as we grow older in this modern gynocentric society that is incredibly sexist towards men especially against redpilled men that are not experience enough to handle themselves to just simply shut the fuck up and just wear their mask as a smart survival strategy to not mark themselves with a huge red target on their face making it easier for bluepilled feminists, cucks, communists, socialists, racists and their similar degenerate ilk that actively seek out to destroy you financially, physically and systematically prevent you from being able to hold a job and segregate you from your friends and family by guilt through association.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. – Oscar Wilde

I highly advise my readers to grasp the reality of the situation that rescuing a bluepiller is an assured way of having your life ruined regardless whether they are your family and friends. You can cautiously make careful calculated attempts to decide whether they are mentally qualified to handle the bitter taste of redpill knowledge otherwise I would avoid it entirely. Because a bluepiller that you assume to be your ally is just another potential traitor ready to stab you in the back at a moment’s notice when the opportunity is presents itself. It is a wise strategy to wear your mask proudly and not be ashamed of it, never forget that you are not the only redpiller among us and must adapt to this cruel reality.

It is the powerful armor that you will ever need to wear to protect yourself from the most obvious of bluepill hazards. Because these bluepillers will stop at nothing to destroy everything you enjoy and love much like a swarm of locusts they will devour all the remaining good in this world who’s sole purpose is to become a maelstrom of insanity to twist everything in their nightmarish vision.

A pseudo-redpiller wear a weak mock-up mask that tries to poorly pass off as an authentic redpiller by lurking on redpill forums and lightly skimming through redpill content with no intention of ever being interested in the subject. The most dangerous bluepiller is the one that is fully aware of the redpill and uses it to drop your guard to extract information from you and even takes the extra effort to subvert themselves into certain redpill/bluepill communities but are extremely rare. They normally have their own ulterior motives to either for selfish reasons such as quenching their thirst for pussy or just outright take out their competition to plant themselves in certain positions of power.

We live in confusing times surrounded by crazy, stupid and parasitic kinds of “people” but we must remain smart, wise and strong and patiently bide our time for the day that we can freely remove our masks without fear from a dysfunctional society that continues to undermine our very freedoms and liberties granted by our forefathers that have sweat, bled and fought hard enough to have given us the opportunity to bring some beauty in a world that is all too ugly.