Pro-Vaxxers Are Nature’s Retards

All Pro-Vaxxers deserve to hung for their crimes against humanity without question. Period. Because the very same knuckle-dragging libtards that promoted this abhorrent agenda are the very same retards have opened the borders to turd world migration only to introduce new virulent strains of foreign diseases never encountered before. Because these migrants have no problem raiding, raping, molesting, pillaging, defecating in our streets and just like how they laid waste to their our homeland they shall lay waste to ours.

These leftists create these very problems and provide more draconian solutions by forcing you to take even more vaccines at gunpoint.

They biggest insult to this injury is that these leftist NPCs have been using vaccines to tear families further apart by using the government as a political weapon when they don’t get their way. You know exactly who you are. You are part of the problem. We have our own cure and the remedy is a double-tap of 1488 directly applied to your face.

What is worst than a leftist are all the NPCs that use talking points based on myths and propaganda to back up their arguments trying to justify their ignorance. They honestly fool themselves into thinking that vaccines are god’s greatest gift being injected directly into our veins when in reality we have been slowly defeated generation after generation.

The moment the US government has given full legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers from all consequences and ramifications from poisoning us and our children.

We don’t need more vaccine lobbyists to indoctrinate us with their “settled science” bullshit next to the climate hoax.

The most important question you should be a

A good example of reading autistic NPC talking points is to read Pro-Vax comments on social media such as FunnyJunk.