Overwatch Was Always About Identity Politics

<h1>The World Could Use More Diversity</h1>
Overwatch has been and will always be about identity politics. I am here to confirm by point based on facts, art design and the canonical lore. Blizzard wasn’t even hiding their agenda to begin with. The major problem is that a large majority of the population is so ignorant, so oblivious and completely unaware of that they didn’t even have to hide it. It was so ingenious by Blizzard’s R&amp;D staff that they implemented it in the best method possible, that if you wanted to hide a tree, the best place would be to hide it in a forest.

The Overwatch Logo

Their brand was
<h1>The World Could Use More Diversity</h1>
I will summarize every single Overwatch character in the game and how it applies to the leftist identity politics of “diversity”.


A somewhat disturbed Australian pyromaniac and anarchist that is a victim of his own self-inflicted explosives. This explains his missing right arm and left leg. <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZpyExV46-4″>His voicelines are taken directly from Hellfire</a> a character from the <a href=”http://marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com/wiki/Hellfire”>”Agents of SHIELD”</a> who also happens to be an Australian white male. This is in reference to the Australia to the lawless desert wasteland such as Mad Max.


An Australian mutant who is both a sadist and a masochist that is capable of receiving large amounts of pain and is capable of dishing it just as equally. He shamefully wears a gas mask to hide his ugly and disfigured face and is easily offended about his weight. This is in reference to the <a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_positivity”>”Body Positivity”</a> a group of mentally ill, obese and feminist movement that labels anyone pointing out their health problems as “hate speech”.


An middle-eastern Egyptian woman that also happens to have a huge obsession with explosives enough to even make Ironman jealous. Blizzard has pushed a dead Egyptian religious culture when in reality Egypt is mostly dominated by an Islamist country. They simply replaced ‘justice’ with ‘jihad’. It is even more funnier that she can blow herself up with her own weapons and take out a team with her.


A female Mexican tomboyish computer hacker deeply involved with multiple crime syndicates one of them being part of a terrorist organization called “Los Muertos” which translates to “The Dead”. This is also based on a racial stereotype of the Chicanos. She has long fingernails with multiple gang tattoos and ridiculously long dyed hoodrat hair.


A short old blond,blue eyed Swedish man that is a weapons engineer that is always upset mostly due to his height.


A young redheaded woman born in Sweden that uses her flail to beat, whip and smash her enemies to drain them of their life force with each strike healing herself and her team in the process, due to the cultural stereotype from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition (you obviously didn’t expect this) that redheads were thought to be mark of the devil, heresy, beastly desire and birth from unclean sex.


An Egyptian single mother that