Overwatch Socialist Hell

Like all socialist systems they inveitably fail because they remove all incentives from the game. This completely goes against basic human nature that made us unique as a species. Because most humans are naturally competitive and some are more competitive than others. This is known as the Pareto-Principle commonly known as the 80/20 rule. It states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This means that 1-2 players on each team will outperform the rest of their peers. It is only natural to those that truly desire to win will try to get as many gold medals as possible as should be rewarded for doing so. Your personal performance “Skill Rating” is completely ignored by Blizzard. This removes all incentives to outperform the rest of your peers and rewards you for being lazy and complacent. In nature this is a self-correcting problem. In fact,not only is there no incentive to try and win you will be punished for it. Blizzard wants to make sure that everyone suffers equally and are destined to be just as miserable as you are.

Incentives Matter

This is not an opinion. This is directly from Scott Mercer one of the top developers of Overwatch. It is clearly stated that you are in fact punished for having a higher winrate therefore you are being restricted from being able to receive your just rewards. This is taken directly from the developers notes and what is the most downvoted comment on there? No rank resets. In other words dedicated veteran players like myself are forced to buy new accounts and smurf or being stuck in gold/plat forever.

“If you have a higher than 50% chance to win a match, you gain less for a win and lose more for a defeat. Conversely, if you were an underdog in a match than you gain more SR when you win and lose less SR when defeated.”

In other words the juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze. This is obviously retarded and counterproductive in so many ways that it defies science. That means that if a total of two men each squeezed 12 oranges Bob managed to squeeze out 50% more juice more than John is therefore being treated equally the same as Bob. If that doesn’t prove that you are being punished for being good at Overwatch I don’t know what is. This means that in a competitive game you are planned to lose by design regardless of how well you perform.
“New players experience both higher gains and higher losses than players who have completed a lot of matches.”

Let me translate this from autismo to a perfectly concise clear English language. If you are a skilled player that has completed 11+ seasons GO FUCK YOURSELF! We already have your money. Because smurfing is totally allowed as long as you keep buying more copies of our games. It is just Blizzard simply telling you FUCK YOU,PAY ME! You better enjoy being stuck at your shit-tier rank for all eternity because we won’t be making any real changes any time soon. You have an endless streak of losing matches without a single win? FUCK YOU,PAY ME! You are constantly paired up with throwers and leavers? FUCK YOU, PAY ME! You invest 10+ hours every day only to gain 10 SR? FUCK YOU, PAY ME! Because at the end of the day Blizzard calls themselves a legitimate business but in reality they are no different than your typical casino in which the house always wins.

Don’t waste your money on this game. Do not buy new accounts. It is simply better to buy accounts from other people that already have high rankings instead of wasting hundreds of hours of your precious time trying to rank up with this socialist hell that they have enforced upon us. What did you honestly expect from a leftist-leaning gaming company that not only censors the truth about their game it also appeals to the the disgusting SJW ideology that nobody asked for. Because not only have their terrible ideas failed time and time again in the open market of ideas,it is being propagated with your own money. This is why I have stopped buying new games altogether solely for this very reason.