Overwatch Damage Manipulation Conspiracy

I have noticed another trend on why it took so long to do damage using the exact same heroes in the exact same matches only to realize that something is very wrong with this picture and wondered if it was lag,netcode or something even more sinister. I am extremely glad that I am not the only person who thought of this because I thought I was going insane with the amount of bullshittery going on in the game that simply did not add up. You can find a good source here. What could you honestly expect from a leftist-leaning game company that pretends to have an esport only to realize how fucking pathetic they are to stoop so low as to manipulate ingame damage. The average filthy casual would just brush it off as a “GIT GUD” excuse but be aware that we are dealing with the exact same game company that deletes forum posts critical about the game,silences their users ingame by labeling the truth as “hate speech” and has more lesbians in their hero roster than a gay bar on a Friday night. This is no coincidence and be aware that Blizzard is in own by Activision the same game company that filed a patent to manipulate their customers into purchasing even more microtransactions by placing players that makes huge purchases on your team without your consent without you ever being aware of it.

I am not the least bit surprised that the pretentious retarded cucks at Reddit are so far up their own ass that they merely brush it off as “satire”. I guess anything is satirical when it goes against your delusional view of reality. What did you truly honestly expect from a social media site filled the most wretched hive of scum and villainy? This just shows how heavily monitored Reddit truly is and how you truth will rarely but surely come out in the form of a gold nugget when Reddit is full of so much shit that you are practically swimming in it.