Overwatch Competitive Is Rigged

It Was Rigged From The Start

A large majority of the Overwatch gaming community is completely ignorant of the fact that the MMR system is completely rigged against you to give you as many losses as possible. This is known as the ‘Law of Diminishing Returns’ this means that the more that you play the more you are likely to go on a losing streak. This is why most players quit playing competitive as soon as they receive their match placements. They have accepted the harsh reality that the matchmaking system is not designed in your favor. The only winning move is not to play. This means that Blizzard designed their game to force you to buy multiple accounts and smurf your way to the top. This is Overwatch League’s closely guarded secret. Because not only does this increase their game sales this also proves how Blizzard managed to sell over 35+ million copies. This means that at least 30%-50% of their game sales are owned by the same players.

Toxicity Equals Profitability

This explains why there are so many toxic players online because Blizzard is profiting off of the toxicity at your expense. The more players that they silence the most likely that they are willing to purchase another copy of the game. You have a MMR rating that you don’t like? Buy another copy of the game! You were caught using hacks? Buy another copy of the game! You don’t like being stuck on plat? Buy another copy of the game! This malicious method is no different than modern day gambling. This is the dirty little secret that game companies have been doing for years and CSGO is no exception either!

The MMR Is Working as Intended!

No, it is not. A game company that refuses to objectively explain how their rating works is no different than a modern slot machine. This is why we have the Elo Rating System that measures a person based on their individual skill. This is why laws were put in place to force slot machine manufacturing companies to give out guaranteed payouts or be forced to shut down. These companies were also forced to show the mathematical and statistical data that these slot machines are guaranteed certain payout percentages or face criminal charges. It is obvious that Overwatch isn’t a slot machine but it does gamble away your precious time to give you the illusion that you are being measured based on your skill when in reality it is measuring you based on your victories which is the Overwatch version of a payout.

The Forced 50% Win Rate Is Fair!

This is objectively incorrect. In reality there is no fairness or equality. It is merely a construct that only exists in our minds known as solipsism. The forced 50% win rate is a fail-safe to protect weak players from leaving the game entirely simply because they cannot handle going up against that 1 superior player on the opposing team that will wreck you. Blizzard is fully aware of this and had simply rigged the numbers in their favor to force the top 20% to carry the 80% at their expense. This means that the 1 player on your team is assured to carry the other 5 incompetent players and vice versa for the opposing team. Because of this 50% forced win rate it means that the 1 player (or more) carrying your team will be placed against you assuring that everyone with a win rate of more than 50% will have their win rate reduced to “balance it out”.

How normies interpret math in regards to the MMR system.

Mathematical Truth Is Supreme Beauty

This goes against the mathematical law typically found in nature, it is commonly known as the Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule). It states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This essentially means that pro-skilled players will always be at the top 20% of the ranking system and everyone else at the 80% threshold. Because of the rigged matchmaking this means that the players that are part of the top 20% that would normally have a win rate of 80% or more are forced to give 30% of their win rate to distribute equally among the rest of the player base. This is clearly done out of their expense which is straight up communism. It simply goes by another name known as equity, the literal definition for “fairness”.

Diamond Is Unreachable

In a nutshell…you will never come close to Diamond, you will never have bragging rights, you will forever be stuck in the Platinum hell like everyone else in Blizzard’s communist shithole. This is the sad reality that we live in where we are gamed into throwing our hard earned money into a pyre to Activision-Blizzard and make a sacrificial offering just to simply get the hopes of ever see a digit remotely close to a 2999. The only winning move is not to play. This is why boycotting game companies is the only real victory where we can simply take our money elsewhere on more real and tangible goods and services. I have also written an article on how to get a much better understanding on how truly rigged this system is.