MGTOW: The Darkest Pill

<h2>My Own Experience</h2>
My gateway to MGTOW was introduced my popular channels such as Sandman, TFM and Raging Golden Eagle for years and they are in fact objectively correct in their arguments about women being empowered by government, society and other institutions at the expense of men as a whole. I support their cause wholeheartedly and had even donated to them in the past and gained a lot of knowledge from it. The biggest flaw of MGTOW is of course finding a solution to this growing conundrum.

I used to be part of the MGTOW community during it’s ideological infancy in 2015 while it was good and it was short lived due to it’s sole cause: the tyranny of women itself. My main criticism of MGTOW is that it is a defeatist ideology. The proponents of the MGTOW cause honestly think that this ideology was never going to become muddied by worst types of men such as incels, cucks and manginas when in fact is grew popular because of it.
<h2>Systematic Nihilism</h2>
MGTOW is the religion of weak minded men deluding themselves of a self-proclaimed victory while still losing the war meanwhile, left-wing corporations, governments and political groups are still winning systematically ever encroaching on our rights, property and hobbies with no end in sight. They have no intention of stopping and why should they? Nobody is challenging them. They will continue their barrage of displacing men of their jobs and livelihoods without consequence or retaliation.

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The idea of MGTOW is that that the only winning move is not to play, when in reality it serves it’s purpose by removing yourself from the board entirely to open a clear pathway for the elite to push their homo-globo agenda completely unchallenged. It’s intended design is to remove your purpose in this world and demoralize you to the verge of suicide. I am fully aware of how unfair the no-fault divorce, family courts, society portraying men as incompetent idiots and buffoons. We inadvertently created this problem. The question we should all be asking is who created this idea and who is benefiting from it.
<h2>Controlled Opposition</h2>
You can ask any self-proclaimed MGTOW online and ask who invented the idea of MGTOW. You will never get a clear and concise answer as nobody knows of where this idea had originated from other than being constantly being repeated by hundreds of MGTOW channels repeating their mantra. Which means that MGTOW serves as a psychological psyop and it is quite effective. (((The powers-that-be))) have methodically used redpill knowledge as a weaponized mental virus to trick men into opting out from sexual marketplace and avoiding women altogether. It is no different than becoming a voluntary Eunuch due to the economical, societal and political circumstances that we had caused since the first World War.

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The official MGTOW website suddenly appeared without warning or explanation. It does not have a any method of donating to them directly much less explain on how it is being funded. It does not have name or a face. For all we know it could be well a funded and organized program by (((those))) people and we wouldn’t be all the wiser. You can even checkout the <a href=””>WHOIS for yourself.</a> For all we know it could be run by the ADL, the SPLC or another similar branch. The typical MGTOW NPC will justify that this ideology was effective at saving their life but they never once question who is benefiting greatly from it other than themselves. Because the <a href=””>official MGTOW wiki page</a> hasn’t been tainted by leftists as of yet rewriting wiki articles that include buzzwords such as Nazi, white supremacy, racists and nationalist to scare off basic bluepillers.
<h2>What Is To Blame</h2>
You can blame the courts, feminism or the government itself but the true cause of the imbalance of the current power structure is so simple, so obvious that our standard of living depends on it: cheap energy. Because of cheap energy man-power has essentially become obsolete. It has displaced men of their purpose as the sole breadwinner of the family, it had shifted Western jobs overseas to the 3rd world, transportation has become more efficient to the point that shipping costs have made products much more accessible to everyone but cheap energy came at a high price.
<h2>Who Is To Blame</h2>
When the privately owned bank the Federal Reserve was established in 1913 the American currency was originally backed by gold keeping the money supply tame and restricted. When <a href=””>Richard Nixon came into power</a> during his time in office in 1971 he unleashed the most diabolical weapon known to man: <a href=””>the American Petro-Dollar.</a> This released all restraints on the Federal Bank to no longer be held back by metal commodities such as gold and silver. It had setup a dangerous precedent of invading the Middle-East to feed it’s insatiable hunger of the banking system to print more money.

Because the Federal Reserve has enabled the financial elite to have more direct control over politicians and political parties at the time to serve their financial interests unchallenged, this has allowed them to empower 1st wave feminism (commonly known as suffragettes at the time) and gave women the right to vote on August 20, 1920 which later became the 19th amendment. This had allowed them to buy cheap votes over an emotional, irrational and easily manipulated group of people.
<blockquote>”Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” – <a href=””>G. Michael Hopf</a></blockquote>
What most MGTOW channels fail to comprehend is that the government is just of the many variables that has led up to this point to rationalize men having to opt out of marriage, sexual relationships and simply avoid prioritizing women entirely. Because due to globalism which is simply leftist politics under different labels such as: communism, socialism, feminism, liberalism, anarchism, egalitarianism, crony-capitalism and progressives. It is nothing new as Ancient Rome had undergone the exact same cycle of the inevitable collapse of civilization known as the Dark Age.
<h2>Muh Vidya Gaems</h2>
This is part of the natural cycle and just because you have decided to ignore reality does not mean that you are excluded from the consequences of reality. These leftists have already censored our video games, comics, anime, conventions, social media and every male space available. It is only a matter of time before they censor the internet entirely and once they censor everything else you enjoy and love in real life only then would you have given a single fuck about pulling your spine out of layaway. I understand the MGTOW mindset completely because I myself was a MGTOW. It had served it’s purpose and I had simply outgrown it.
<h2>MGTOW = Feminism</h2>
How MGTOW defines itself taken straight out of <a href=””>the official website.</a>
<blockquote>”M.G.T.O.W – Men Going Their Own Way is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else. It is the manifestation of one word: “No”. Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a “man” is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn’t.” – <a href=””>MGTOW</a></blockquote>

<h3 style=”text-align: center;”>MRA’s,PUA’S and MGTOW are all the FUCKING SAME!</h3>
It is just a male version of feminism “My body. My choice.” those of us that are truly redpilled understand this completely. The failure of feminism is that they cannot succeed without the assistance of thirsty beta males, most alpha males are either enslaved to marriage, child support, alimony or straight up imprisoned for refusing to surrender themselves completely to the gynocentric collective. You may think that by becoming a MGTOW that you are somehow superior than your peers then you are objectively wrong. Because even the most bluepilled beta male was able to live long enough to have children meanwhile MGTOW celibates has nothing to lose but have gained nothing in the end. The men’s version of “hitting the wall” is dying before ever having the chance to have any offspring at all.

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<h3 style=”text-align: center;”>MGTOW being a tragic form of feminism.</h3>
They do not have any political, economical or military power for that matter. MGTOW of course is as useful as a screen door on a submarine. MGTOW only serves as a survival guide on how to avoid getting hit by the shitstorm that we are dealing with by running in-between the raindrops and inevitably completely being drenched in it. The only major differences between MGTOW and feminism is that feminists have a strong financial and political backing from the government meanwhile MGTOW has none. The whole purpose of MGTOW is to remove themselves from chess board entirely clearing the pathway for feminists and globalists to continue unchallenged for their strive for more power.
<h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Your internet troll m00t has forsaken you.</h2>
What most men do not understand is that MGTOW is the most darkest blackpill of all. You will inevitably run out of hobbies to keep you busy and distracted eventually becoming bored of them and by then you won’t have anywhere else to speak freely without being arrested for wrong-think both on the internet and in IRL when we eventually lose the culture war. The only places that will remain of course are government honeypots to data mine your views and opinions to archive,locate and arrest you with suicide being the only way out. If you think that this hasn’t happened already I implore you read how “m00t” the creator and founder of 4chan <a href=””>sold us out to GamerGate.</a> The thirst for pussy is much stronger than your precious FAGTOW “philosophy”.
<h3 style=”text-align: center;”>You can hear intense sound of a fedora tipping loudly in the distance.</h3>
I completely understand the MGTOW mindset because I have already experienced it for myself. I was always ahead of the curve and beyond my years at a very young age. What most MGTOW failed to mention is that you became a MGTOW much how a fat, ugly and psychotic cat lady became a feminist. You simply could not compete in the sexual marketplace and so you inevitably opted out because the price of pussy is at an all-time high and the juice was simply not worth the squeeze. I do not blame you due to how feminism, socialism, the welfare state, Tinder and the army of thirsty manginas willing to cater to their queens at their every whim.

<h2 style=”text-align: center;”>If she breathes…<em>SHE’S A THOOOT~!</em></h2>
The biggest chink in the MGTOW armor is that they assume that all women would age like milk when in fact their vagina is their largest asset and there will always be a mangina out there ready to don the “Captain-Save-A-Ho” costume and rescue m’lady from the consequences of their actions. What MGTOW forgot to include is that most men will age like vinegar before they get to the age of 18 and very few will age like wine. The current school system has always brainwashed, indoctrinated and ensnared the minds of young boys and produced a cookie cutter factory line of soyboys, cucks, drags, fags, trans and gays. The Boy Scouts of America has already been infiltrated and destroyed from within, see for yourself.
<h3 style=”text-align: center;”>No male space is sacred. This is the feminist future we chose.</h3>
A woman’s version of “hitting the wall at Mach 5” is failing to have children before the age of 30. A married man’s version of hitting the wall is to be robbed of his livelihood, losing his kids, failing to keep up with child support payments, going to jail and then violently raped in jail by Tyrone and Chad. A MGTOW version of hitting the wall is being fully aware of the consequences and accepting the fact that you will never ever have the opportunity to have a family of your own only to retaliate against society as a form of revenge of the future that was robbed of you. I expect a sudden spike of mass shootings and suicides in the future of men being enraged of the fact that this is the final outcome of MGTOW.

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<h3 style=”text-align: center;”>What being a MGTOW is really like.</h3>
The only way to escape from the dark abyss that is MGTOW is to take the goldpill: Nationalism. I know that there will be MGTOW men that will twist it around claiming it as another Nazi “ideology” when in fact it is about taking back what is ours. I would rather die on the battlefield with my brothers in arms than to become another unwilling puppet of another false flag event.

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<h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Nationalism is the cure for nihilism.</h2>
What most MGTOW fail to realize is that you are not alone. You can cling on to your harem of sex dolls, build the largest barricade of anime figures and fight these battles all on your own and die in vain or you can join your Nationalist brothers. You can fight for your favorite cause: video games, anime or other hobbies but you can at least have the opportunity to be the left the hell alone. You never had a choice. It is only a matter of time before they conquer our lands, surround your homes. Because these leftists will eventually come knocking at your door, drag your sorry ass to a godforsaken communist gulag and as you begin to “REEEEEEEEEEE~!” at the top of your lungs you will accept the fact that your precious god Kek has forsaken you only to have your head torn from your neck by turd world mudslimes only to have your life flash before your eyes as you take your final breath wondering what you could have, should have and would have but by then it was already too late.

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<h3 style=”text-align: center;”>The weeb’s last stand as he desperately entrenches himself against an army of normal-fags. (2020 colorized)</h3>
I am already fully aware of MGTOW slowly biding their time for technology to free us from these chains but what you fail to understand is that by the time it has become readily available to the public it will still be too expensive for most men to afford access to these luxuries. I can make a basic list to easily debunk these delusional fantasies.

+ When sex dolls become advanced enough to imitate women past the uncanny valley you would have already become too old to have sex at all essentially making them useless. What is worse is that feminists and religious fanatics will find ways to make them illegal and due to leftists already ruling over our loves it will only get worse over time.

+ When artificial wombs become readily available they will be just as expensive as Tesla electric cars: expensive, heavily subsidized, untested and unregulated. This means that women will weaponize cloning as a means to commit large amounts of fraud on rich and powerful men extracting more child support and alimony than ever before and the laws would be too late to stop it.