Massive Censorship Of “Right-Wing” Speech

<h1>The War Against Gamers</h1>
The SJWs, leftists, Antifa and NPCs that are part of the homo-globo agenda are now pushing their censorship harder than ever before. They are using this false-flag event to clamp down on your freedom of speech regardless of your political affiliation. The fact that <a href=””>GamerGate</a> is now being dragged into somehow proves that this is living proof that leftists were patiently waiting for an opportune moment to implement their censorship plans even further. Because leftists are now fully committed on getting their revenge on gamers when everyone exposed them during the 2014 <a href=””>GamerGate scandal.</a>

<h1>Right-Wingers Are Not to Blame</h1>
These leftists are now comparing gamers to genuine terrorists because we as gamers relentlessly refuse to drink their ideological kool-aid. <strong>GAMERS RISE UP!</strong>

I am being very objectively clear and concise here.

It was not the right that opened the gates of our western civilization to a Muslim invasion. It was not the right normalizing pedophilia, homosexuality, transgenderism, communism, socialism and globalism on everyone. It is not the right that uses governments and corporations as a political tool to silence dissidents with a greater push for censorship. It is not the right that own a monopoly on all of the popular social media sites.

The fact that a white man has been pushed over the edge to be fully commit himself to being an accelerationist to incite this race war and somehow they are blaming <strong>YOU</strong> for <strong>THEIR</strong> crimes against the western world.

They have the audacity to call everyone a “Nazi” that refuses to bend over and proudly take their homo-globo agenda up the ass.

<h1 class=”title style-scope ytd-video-primary-info-renderer”>Thought Crime</h1>
The New Zealand government are using the <a href=””>”Christchurch Mosque Shooting”</a> crisis as an opportunity to implement even more censorship, infringement of your rights as well as even further gun control even though it did not even happen in your western country. The New Zealand government is now implementing unlawful punishments on people that have either watched, streamed or shared or knowingly shared video footage of the shooting <a href=”″>with 10-14+ years of prison time and $200,000 fine.</a> I honestly wish I was joking. You can read more about this particular event yourself. I kept the <a href=”″>original</a> as well as an <a href=””>archive</a> just in case.

<h1>Censorship Wave Incoming!</h1>
Why are they doing this? Because leftists want absolute control of the narrative. They are willing to use every resource available in their possession to censor, silence, twist, edit and misinform. The worst part is that they are systematically targeting anyone and everyone that doesn’t tow in line with their globalist agenda. Because even the most apolitical gamer, otaku or roleplayer will inevitably become a political target in one way or another, there is no escape.

<h1>Purging of Disord Servers</h1>
There is now a massive censorship wave of any and all “right-wing” related Discord servers that are systematically being targeted by SJWs, Antifa including the <a href=””>SPLC to politically censor the people of the internet.</a> This attack is used to silence anyone and everyone remotely discussing anything right-wing especially those having conversations about the latest <a href=””>”Christchurch Mosque Shooting”</a> that had just happened recently on March 15, 2019.

Here is more information about this issue.

<h1>Oy Vey! Shut It Down!</h1>
How do I know this? Because thousands of users have just had their entire clan channels suddenly shut down and outright deleted without warning within the last 24 hours. A popular YouTuber named <a class=”yt-simple-endpoint style-scope yt-formatted-string” spellcheck=”false” href=””>Dustinl796</a> that produces <a href=””>Hearts of Iron</a> content just had his Discord server suddenly deleted having no idea why his channel was targeted for deletion. For all we know it could have been due to an algorithm or maybe because a lot of right-wingers simply happen to enjoy this particular game. I can assure you that a lot of people are going to get red-pilled <strong>VERY FAST</strong> once they realize that the major reason why their Discord channels were deleted was due to the fact that any and all right-wing discussions have taken place on their channels are somehow held responsible for monitoring every conversation that occurs there.

<h1>Stop Using Discord!</h1>
It has set a dangerous precedent of even more self-censorship that will be taking place in the upcoming future. This is a rude awakening to a lot of normies that happen to use Discord which is more proof that Discord is not a safe and reliable platform to have any basic discussion much less at the whim of a simple keystroke by an angry leftist with a huge power-trip that decides to delete your channel for personal or political reasons. You will lose contact with all of your online friends which is why you should be using Teamspeak or Mumble. This is not the first time that the left has attacked millions of people on Discord accusing them of being “Nazis” after the <a href=””>”Charlottesville Car Attack”</a> which is somehow everyone’s fault except theirs even though they were the ones that perpetrated and caused it in the first place.

I will keep this post updated. You can contribute commenting below and make sure to stay safe and use a VPN.

<h2>Because knowing is half the battle!</h2>