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How Overwatch Punishes
Skilled Players For Profit

TactKnight - March 26, 2016

You Are Being Gamed

If a controversial figure such as Edward Snowden would have told you that major social media companies and corporations are not only mining for your personal information and selling it to 3rd party companies and governments to undermine not only your personal rights and privacy. You would have simply brushed it off as another conspiracy theory. What if video games companies were just as complicit in utilizing such unscrupulous methods and profiting from it at a psychological level.

What if I would have told you that major gaming companies such as Activison, Electronic Arts and Tencent have not only filed several US patents to monopolize these methods to not only generates millions but in the billions in massive revenue in from microtransactions alone and you unknowingly assisting them in generating that revenue at your own personal expense?

“You take the shrooms and I will show you how deep the warp pipe goes.”

“Remember: all I’m offering are the facts. Nothing more.”

The Game Was Rigged From the Start

I have provided overwhelming amounts of evidence based on facts, sources, statistics and objective observable reality that the Overwatch matchmaking system is specifically designed to force you under a 50% winrate as much as it possibly can. Before we get started I will introduce to you about common facts in regards to the Overwatch matchmaking system that has existed for the past 20 seasons.

As a sidenote: I was not the first person to call out Blizzard’s rigged ranked matchmaking as someone had already beat me to the punch and therefore, I give credit where credit is due.

  • Blizzard is was bought by Activision in 2013 which has been renamed to Activision-Blizzard.
  • Blizzard has absolutely zero transparency in regards to how their matchmaking system truly works much like the ongoing Call of Duty franchise.
  • Blizzard had disabled being able to view Career Profiles by default since as of June 26, 2018. The biggest victim of these policies was MasterOverwatch as they had to shut down due to private profiles being implemented.
  • Blizzard had outsourced most of their leaderboards to 3rd party sites such as OverBuff, OverwatchTracker and MasterOverwatch. Because even though they have their own leaderboards it does not provide sufficient substantial evidence due on their part.
  • Blizzard and Activision filed a US patent together to create a “System and method for driving microtransactions in multiplayer video games” which means ‘fuck you pay me’ in corporate speak.
  • It’s sinister design is “A system and method is provided that drives microtransactions in multiplayer video games. The system may include a microtransaction arrange matches to influence game-related purchases. For instance, the system may match a more expert/marquee player with a junior player to encourage the junior player to make game-related purchases of items possessed/used by the marquee player. A junior player may wish to emulate the marquee player by obtaining weapons or other items used by the marquee player.” this is clearly a method to monopolize it.
  • Blizzard has absolutely no incentive to create a rank reset feature and if you don’t believe me this single post explains everything.
  • Because a MMR “rank reset” completely undermines the huge smurfing market that plagues every multiplayer game with no real enforcement of ever stopping it.
  • The definition of “Smurfing is when a highly-skilled player creates a secondary account as a disguise to play against less proficient opponents. This almost always results in the Smurf steamrolling their lower-level adversaries, which might be hilarious for the better player but usually leaves their victims bitter.”
  • It is difficult for gaming companies to enforce it as most gaymers that flood ranked are most composed of boosters with the assistance of cheating tools such as aimbotting. It is simply too lucrative for their invesntors as it inflates game sales beyond their normal means.
  • This goes against their profit motive to sell multiple copies of the game which is the main reason why Smurfing is rampant.
  • How does Blizzard profit from this? Here’s how. Don’t like our current SR? Buy another copy of the game. Silenced for being too honest? (what Blizzard labels as toxic) Buy another copy of the game. You got caught hacking or aimbotting? Buy another copy of the game. This doesn’t include the double-dipping profits from their loot boxes.
  • This allows support and tank mains to secretly start locking DPS heroes because now nobody can call them out on it, this also includes toxic throwers that use heroes they were never intended to be good to begin with.
  • Because of this there is now more toxicity than ever before, Blizzard refuses to take any responsibility of their poor business practices and therefore it is merely intentional by design.
  • Be aware that SR and MMR are two completely different mathematical statistics meanwhile SR is available publicly meanwhile MMR is private with no way of ever being seen.
  • The matchmaking system has a hidden MMR (Match Making Rating) which is specially designed to force you to carry incompetent teams and does not reward your skill as an individual.
  • You will not be able to view this hidden MMR anywhere including Blizzard’s official user profiles and can only be analyzed with 3rd party websites such as OverBuff, OverwatchTracker and MasterOverwatch.
  • The SR (Skill Rating) is only based on your victories and losses it does not measure you based on your individual performance such as medals, kills, deaths, damage, healing, objective time or how often you are on fire regardless of what they claim.
  • Blizzard can make whatever claims that suit their motives. The fact that Blizzard refuses to release these very same algorithms for us to determine for ourselves on how each match is measured is living proof that SR is not based on an individual skill which is solely focused on your victories.
  • Your SR rating from your previous season is used as a safe-guard to prevent skilled players from being able to climb up in rank forcing you to purchase a new account therefore generating more profits for Blizzard.
  • This objectively does not measure you based on your skill alone because you can literally go Torbjorn, spend the entire match dancing at spawn only for your team to miraculously win without you and still be rewarded SR for contributing absolutely nothing to the team. I would know. I personally did it myself.
  • There is a mathematical formula found in nature known as the Pareto-Principle commonly known as the 80/20 rule.
  • This means that 20% of the playerbase will always outperform and carry the other 80% of the team.
  • This is why one-tricking is incredibly popular as having to flex with a large pool of heroes will match you up against even worse players over time as the MMR cannot determine whether you excel at tank, support or DPS. This is counter-productive on Blizzard’s part.
  • This goes against Blizzard’s profits that is why the “skill rating decay” was introduced to force players to gamble away their ranks even more than they should. Because being complacent is a sin.
  • The current system robs the merits of skilled players at their expense, rewards incompetence and creates a perpetual slavery system similar to a socialist government where equity makes us all equally enslaved.
  • Because as long as you continue to purchase multiple copies of the game you perpetually fuel your gambling addiction into Overwatch chasing after the fictional purple dragon.
  • This has created a black market known as “boosting” a service where gaymers pay real money for to cheat the system to gain a higher rank than they should.
  • It gives cheaters bragging rights to enable their toxic behavior on to others of lower rank.
  • Your final SR rating enables you to receive CP (Competitive Points) that can be used to purchase ingame gold weapon skins for your hero at the end of the season.
  • This exploitation is used to justify a commodity that cannot be bought directly from Blizzard and must be “earned” to gain certain a certain public status, bragging rights, gain access to gold weapon skins and justify their poor toxic behavior.
  • This proves that Blizzard is in fact profiting greatly from these business practices and are fully aware of it and has been planned since Season 3 and did not take effect until Season 4.

Pareto Principle Explained

Charts and Graphs

The amount of charts in this game are

Welcome to ELO Hell

The 50% forced winrate is quite real. Blizzard abuses the matchmaking system to dethrone superior players by forcing them to spend more time in ranked more than they normally should have. Becasuse being an unwilling online retard wrangler carrying your dumbass team is so much “fun”.

Click for the original forum post.

This is why smurfing is quite rampant in ranked multiplayer games. Because there is no real incentive in being a long and dedicated player when anti-smurfing contingencies are not being enforced with the implementation of HWID and IP bans. Because when 20% of the Top 500 players are cheating meanwhile the ones that haven’t been caught as of yet bypassing Blizzard’s anti-cheat unnoticed is even more concerning. It’s sad to say but PBBANS did it better. Blizzard’s own anti-cheat is mostly useless and are still present in 2020.

The matchmaking system solely exists to prevent the top 20% of the playerbase from naturally clubbing the utter shit out of the 80% of the trash-tier playerbase like the defenseless baby seals that they truly are. This is why “SR decay” was introduced in Season 4 and soon after removed during Season 18. It is just another sisyphean plot to take advantage of natural tryhards like myself. Because the only winning move is not to play.

It simply isn’t profitable to make matchmaking truly fair based on your SR alone and player retention would invetiably plummet. It’s designed to make you chase after the fictional purple dragon. Because most ranked matchmaking will always be trash. You will never reach GM. You will not pass go. You will not collect your $200. It is merely by design to keep you playing ranked forever.

Read these deleted forum posts for yourself from other players in the Overwatch community.

Overwatch the most rigged matchmaking on earth.

Blizzard is setting people up to lose. Forced 50/50 IS A REALITY.

To everyone who used to play Overwatch, what happened that made you stop playing the game?

Is overwatch punishing skill & rewarding laziness?

I’m done playing Overwatch competitively.

I think I’m done with Overwatch.

Has it become popular to enjoy Competitive Overwatch?


Pay to Win

When I had played Overwatch obsessively in the past every season in ranked my skill rating had gradually dropped more and more over after each season. This was before “SR decay” was ever introduced. I never once played a game where an experienced gamer who plays the game frequently gets worse over time.

It simply does not happen. Therefore once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains no matter how improbable, is in fact the truth. This means that you are in fact being punished for being too good.

It’s a Trap!

They will only make your online experience as fun as possible until you hit level 25 and now that the honeymoon is finally over Blizzard has begun to ensare you into making ingame purchases before their bullshit matchmaking system rears it’s ugly head placing their usual trash-tier players on your team such as one-trick Widows, complimentary Hansoaps, Throwjorns and Trashions. It is pretty much downhill from here as most of your matches will be composed of either steamrolling the enemy team or being carried by superior players.

I have been playing multiplayer games for 20 years and not once have I ever experienced such bullshit. It’s mostly due to how gaming companies have steered more towards a “games as a service” business model instead of the ‘archaic’ method of just simply purchasing a full game with all the trimmings meanwhile having the full authority and agency of running your very own dedicated game server.

Peacock Syndrome

It is the name of the condition in which prodigal people would spend large amounts of money on extravagant cosmetics similar to their whale counterparts but do not serve any real objective application such as helping them gain a competitive advantage over other players and solely seek to gain personal attention or to indulge in their perversions above anything else. You know exactly who you are.

It is basically digital paypiggin and it is quite sickening sadly. If you thought wasting money on digital waifus was bad. You have no idea how many fucking weebs spend outrageous amounts of money on these Overwatch waifu skins and gloating about it on social media. It is even worse when this cancer is all over 4chan. I throw up in my mouth whenever I encounter this bullshit.

Fuck HK and Fuck CCP

The matchmaking system had favored spenders by placing them on winning teams. It’s hard to tell when they had throttled it down to where it isn’t as obvious anymore especially when the player population had finally plummeted to an alltime low during the Blizzard Boycott. It is unironic that modern gaymers only gave a single iota of a fuck when it became political against their own political agendas but stayed silent when they went against mine. Because any company that doesn’t allow me to display my windmill of peace 卐 openly is no friend of mine.

I frankly don’t give a shit about fighting for the rights of Hong Kong or supporting the Chinese Communist Party’s political motives in invading that island nation. They are both equally evil in that regard. It’s a topic for another article.

Fuck Your Jewboxes

The entire purpose of Jewboxes is why you are losing matches in the first so Blizzard can drain as much money out of your wallet with their ridiculous microtransactions. When I first started getting into Overwatch before Season 1 it was fun to play at first and after Season 3 it started going downhill from there. It’s now become the norm ever since Blizzard outright removed the “Avoid Player” feature only to bring it back to a limit of 3 players per week which is dumb as hell as you will encounter these very same players sooner or later. It really makes you question how greedy these game companies truly are especially when many governments have begun stepping in and make lootboxes outright illegal.

Goodboy Points

Deleted Overwatch Posts








The next time you play FFA on Overwatch you will begin to notice that if you have a huge headstart in the beginning of the match you will start having enemies spawning directly next to you so they can be delivered with an easy kill on a silver platter.