How FunnyJunk Lost It’s Funny

You Get The Bullet Too

I was once a huge content poster on this site with another account during the Trump 2016 election and it was reaching it’s peak of success before it had finally dropped off only to die down as more and more leftist ideologues were subverting themselves into the community after being banned, censored and silenced from the very platforms that they have implemented and enabled. These leftists were so sure of themselves that the very same policies that were being enforced on those in the center and right of the political spectrum only to realize that leftists would get the bullet too.

How the mighty have fallen…

The Great Social Migration

When a huge exodus of users from monopolized social media sites such as YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter that had made these platforms popular to begin with that were part right-wing migrated over to other sites and one of them happened to be FunnyJunk the final bastion of free speech. I happened to be very active on this site and had donated a few monthly dollars to support them. The website had eventually lost it’s appeal when center and left-wing eventually users got the censorship bullet as well and migrated over to FunnyJunk after the Trump election victory had died begun to fade away.

The math does not lie, see it for yourself.

The Left Is Built On Hate

There is one known fact about the 2016 election is that the left can’t meme. They have no sense of humor, they view everything with an ignorant, racist, sexist and bigoted lens and simply see reality as problematic and needs to twisted into their disgusting view. Because even when everything has been censored they will inevitably turn on each other and devour each other until to the point of eating their own tails. They have infiltrated site which made it rot from within.

Nobody Spoke For Me

They first had first came for the top posters, the community did not care because they were not top posters, then they came for the mods because they were not mods then they came after the me and the community did not speak out and that is when they came after the community and this is when FunnyJunk stopped being funny and became nothing but junk. The site is now filled with anti-free speech, pro-leftist propaganda, Tumblr freaks posting gore, torture, pedophilia, fluffybooru tand the mentally disturbed. I wish I was not exaggerating when I was forced to encounter images of nude morbidly obese white men battered in gravy dressing themselves up like thanksgiving turkeys all over the comment sections and flagged them multiple times and reported them directly to the admins only to give me a boiler-plate response of ‘meh’ and simply ignored me for days while similar content like this was all over the site running rampant with very little pushback from FJ staff.

It’s Treason Then…

I simply use my alias TacticalKnight for branding reasons. The site had not only hit rock bottom in regards to quality control but my own content and views were being heavily censored with these leftists pretending to be gatekeepers of free exchange of thoughts and ideas. It has come to the point that even channel owners have begun to abuse their powers by downright blocking users for simply speaking out against the truth. This is what the owner of the vidyagaems channel has said in translation: It’s ‘NOT’ censorship when ‘WE’ do it. Yes, of course! Because anyone expressing their own opinions based on facts and objective observable reality about video games is not allowed to express themselves as long as they agree with your own ignorant viewpoints.


I guess it’s only “fakenews” if you don’t accept the facts presented to you. What was my thought-crime to get me banned from this channel? Another well written articles about censorship by left-leaning gaming companies. The irony is not lost on these people. I can no longer rely on any community or social media platform to protect my own freedom of speech without some gatekeeping faggot abusing their power for their own ends. Because either everyone has freedom of speech and if I do not have mine then I will gladly rob you of yours. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. It is only fair after all. My only crime was for simply telling the truth and was labeled for being a “shill” even though I was the one posting my own original content. For those of you unaware, there is a channel dedicated to OC a channel dedicated to original content and yet my article related to video game culture is a thought-crime apparently for simply not having lefty views.

Tyranny of the Stupid

It is users like you that are the major reason why I stopped posting good content there in the first place. Nobody had respected me or my contributions even though it was owed based on my own merits. I regret ever donating money to the site. It is users like you that are the exact reason why this community is fucking dead and unfunny. There is no longer a single reliable social media site based on any free speech but limited speech. If you honestly think that you are the hero of your own story, you are obviously too stupid to realize it. Because you are a worthless miserable lot and in the end you simply brought this on yourselves. Don’t forget. These are the kinds of people that control what you see, reader and hear. Don’t forget, these are the types of people that rule you. You could have prevented this.

This is a FunnyJunk meetup IRL the very same cunts that dominate Tumblr.

Finally Got Banned

I just recently got banned 2 days after I have written this article calling them exactly for what they are. I never shared it or posted it anywhere on that site. You can even view my profile for yourself but you may need a FJ account to view my latest posts moments before I got banned. I have a screenshot to prove it with their lousy excuse. I know it is difficult for pathological, narcissistic retards to avoid the truth that they are part of the problem. It is only a matter of time before their disgusting site starts losing whatever little financial support they had. They know that they have been exposed for the sick, degenerate and mentally ill people that they are. They cannot claim that nobody liked my articles when I have received sufficient support from the community with this single post I had made. This just proves that the opposite is true. They had even flagged this very exact content as “spam” to simply shut down. I have said it once and I will say it again. FunnyJunk has become no different than Reddit. There are no longer anymore social media platforms that will protect free speech, you alone must protect your own speech at your own expense.