Blizzard Killed Overwatch By Enforcing Their SJW Ideology

<h1>Objective Reality</h1>
Here is another accurate game review in regards to Overwatch. That these so-called “game journalists” are your typical shills that can’t even finish a Cuphead tutorial much less try to pass themselves off as gamers. They are the cancerous casuals that plague the gaming industry and are the major reason why the gaming industry needs another crash. Thank goodness that at least some communities such as 4chan and <a href=””>knowyourmeme</a> are woke to the fact that these dumbass implementations caused more problems than they solved.
<h1>Socialist Hell</h1>
I have played over 9 seasons in competitive only to see a trending pattern that Blizzard has in fact rigged the matchmaking system to give you a lower rating each season and the higher-ups at Blizzard subverted their game into a socialist-utopia where everybody suffers equally except for the very few e-celebs that are placed in a special list to always remain at the top of the ranks regardless of how poorly they play.
<h1>We Suffer Equally</h1>
This could have been a great game but the SJW overlords at Blizzard are busy poisoning everything they touch and it shows that their political ideology is more important than their quality of games. I didn’t think it was possible to hate a game company more than EA but they did. For this very reason this is why <a href=””>Overwatch will never become an esport.</a>

They call it SR as in Skill Rating but in reality it is more like a Socialist Rating. You are forced to carry 80% of your team and if you are part of the top 20%. Blizzard hates nature’s law commonly known as the 80/20 rule aka the Pareto Principle. Because naturally 20% of the players will always outperform the rest of the 80% but Blizzard doesn’t like that so they forced everyone under their communist rule where everybody suffers equally with their 50/50 winrate.
<h1>Zero Transparency</h1>
It has now been 3 years and Blizzard downright refuses to release their source code on how the MMR rating is designed. Those of us intelligent enough are fully aware that if Blizzard were to ever release patent this algorithm the average Overwatch player would have no choice but to accept the fact that the matchmaking is 100% rigged against them. The player count is dropping significantly every month as more and more players are catching up to Blizzard’s rigging to the point that Blizzard is blatantly mocking their community out in the open.

Instead of transparency Blizzard is literally cracking down and censoring their own customers on the forums and on Reddit that dares speak out about the rigged matchmaking system. They straight up delete and ban the original posters without warning as well as the users that receive upvotes that agree with them with guilt through association. Their Darth Vader grip on the forums simply wasn’t enough. They literally have a task force dedicated in “silencing” aka censoring users for being “toxic” aka simply for telling the truth. I have been censored for an entire year for being “toxic” simply for disagreeing with their mental illness that is SJW.
<h1>Thought Police</h1>
If you think that I am being hyperbolic Jeff Kaplan openly admitted on his own official YouTube channel on the video called <a href=”″>”Developer Update Popular Community Topics”</a> on Jan 25, 2018 that they will track down players committing “toxic” behavior outside of Blizzard’s platforms. This includes social media,websites and everywhere else on the internet.

<blockquote>“We now proactively seek out social media sites like YouTube, for example, and look for incidents of very toxic behavior and track down the accounts that are participating in those and action them, oftentimes before anybody’s even reported them or they’ve shown up in any other place. That’s just one example of us being proactive that I think is going to make a big difference over time.” – <a href=”″>Jeff Kaplan</a></blockquote>
It’s even worse than even Twitch is following these self-destructive policies to the point that a class-action lawsuit will eventually take place and put these pro-censorship,illegal activities out into the spotlight much like Google and expose them for what they truly are. A bunch of cowards that use their political ideologies as a means to punish those that simply embrace the truth.

Their diminishing playercount is proof that they never take responsibility for anything that the only true toxic players will remain. It now takes 5+ minutes to start a quickplay match and there are fewer experienced players than ever that the double-digit no star players outnumber the experienced players. There is at least 1-2 aimbotters per match and it has gotten so bad that even career gamers that participate in the esports genre have downright stopped playing the game entirely. This just shows that Blizzard is far too corrupt and just as greedy as Activision,Ubisoft and EA to even give a damn about their customers.