Apex Legends = Titanfall 2 Battle Royale


It’s just another cash-grab by EA to profit off of the Battle Royal craze. Apex Legends is a complete carbon copy of Titanfall 2 just without the Titans. It’s literally nothing but reused assets from TF2. The game even has the exact same (boost) abilities. EA isn’t even hiding their cultural Marxist, homo-globo agenda anymore. They want whites completely gone from the game. I find it hilarious that the only (((white))) guy gasses people to death. It’s not even a FPS game but an FPS MOBA where you spend 16-32 sniper, shotgun and carbine rounds to kill a single player. It’s clearly a SJW version of the Unreal Tournament series. It’s fucktards like you that financially support this game are the main reason why we have shit quality games.


[review_summary reader_ratings=”true” positives=”It’s Free-To-Play otherwise nobody would be playing this pile of burning trash.” negatives=”

Gunplay sucks major donkey dick.

No wall-running.

No double jump.

No solo.

Forced 3 man squads.

UI is garbage.

I mean only 60 people only? Really? Battlefield 1942 could up to support 128 players in 2002.

The most SJW pandered game title by EA up to date.

The game suffers from laughable amounts of glitches, poor netcode, trash hit-detection, constant lag, poor performance, random crashes, constant disconnects, terrible weapon balancing as well as game audio sync issues.” title=”test” summary=”test 2″]

[rating title=”Graphics” value=”5″]
[rating title=”Audio” value=”3″]
[rating title=”Gameplay” value=”4″]
[rating title=”Interest” value=”3″]
[rating title=”Technical” value=”3″]
[rating title=”Value” value=”2″]
[rating title=”Overall Rating” value=”3″]


Bow Down To Our BR Overlords

I have played dozens of FPS titles throughout my entire life such as: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, Halo, Overwatch, Team Fortess, Titanfall, Fortnite as well as several Korean F2P shooters. It’s more than just a meme now, it has become reality. Because it seems that every game publisher is trying to profit from this Battle Royale craze while it’s still hot. Before anyone claims that Apex Legends is not an unfinished Titanfall 3 clone read it for yourself. The disgusting part is that Twitch-Fags like Ninja shilled out for $1 million to stream Apex and took their shitty opinions to have wall-running completely disabled. The only reason why I even bothered to review this game at all is the fact that this specific title is living proof that the next video game crash is right around the corner. Because Anthem was a complete fucking flop to the point that they bricked console-plebs consoles.

It has become quite common for the AAA gaming industry to release unfinished games and the fact that there are so many shills sucking that corporate cock for not calling out on this blatant bullshit. I have wasted 4 hours of my precious time suffering through this bug riddled mess of a game and became a champion quite easily out of sheer skill. I even have a screenshot to prove of this victory. I could have won in under an hour if the skill gap wasn’t lobotomized. I had also won another match mostly because I had a blatant aimbotter in my squad. The anti-cheat is an absolute joke and the fact that Apex uses the exact same game engine as Titanfall is not surprising. This game is straight up infested with them especially with their history of not taking action against them effectively or considering them a priority.

Titanfall Without The Titans

I can only imagine how EA just straight up shat on the Titanfall franchise as a whole only to use the IP as an excuse to profit off of the battle royale craze.

<Hi boss Mr EA, what brings you to the backside of the broom closet, AKA Respawn entertainment office?

>Shut up. We need a new game, and the safest bet right now according to research are what they call “hero shooters” and “battle royale”. We know your IP Titanfall had a moderate rate of success with it’s latest title, so using that IP could save us on marketing and PR.

<Wait, you need us to make a Titanfall hero shooter battle royale game? Wow, you know what, that doesn’t sound half bad! I think the titans will bring ain interesting twist to both genres in…

>The what now?

<Titans, sir

>What titans?

<It’s in the title. Titanfal. Our game has titans, giant robots that…

>Does Fortnite has titans?

<No sir, but…

>Does Overwatch has these titans?

<Well… no but

>Then you must have not heard me correctly. I need a battle royale hero shooter, because that’s what today’s safe bet, set in the Titanfall universe to save on marketing, since it’s no a new IP

<but the titans


Easy Mode Activated

You have no idea how incredibly easy it was for my friend and I to win a match with a random player to work as a team in unison. The funniest part is that my friend won his first match in only two games and had just finished the tutorial literally only 20 minutes earlier. He is a Zarya and Widowmaker main on Overwatch. The tragedy is that finding competent players online is extremely scarce and a gem due to the amount of overwhelming amount of retards infesting not only online games but real life in general. A good player will always be a good player regardless of what game you place them in. I suggest you watch the entire video from the start.

Retard Wrangling

It’s honestly the same bullshit as usual. You will paired up with knuckle-dragging morons who’s sole existence is to be nothing but a hindrance to you. This is the true difficulty setting of the game: having to carry your sorry ass team. They won’t get on VOIP, if they do they only use it to bitch and complain, you will waste a large portion of your time arguing and lecturing these idiots for the most basic shit even though the tutorial is mandatory.

Even More Retard Wrangling

You know what is honestly worse than a blue-pilled faggot? A pseudo-red-pilled Redditor that spouts of right-wing memes that has just recently discovered /pol/ on 4chan meanwhile being an outright sperg for 15 straight minutes throughout the stream. This is why genocide and eugenics should be mandatory to cull out the low-IQ retards and do the entire human race a huge favor. This isn’t extreme. It is just basically necessary.


The Most Powerful Sniper

Is just as fucking useless as every other weapon. The poor netcode not allowing shots to register correctly much less the amount of damage done is honestly a joke. The video explains everything. I never get outskilled or outplayed mostly due to the fact that this game compensates for their shitty netcoding and poor hit detection by padding it up with a massive bullet sponge healthbars that literally take 2-4 magazines of direct damage to kill a single player. The game developers know this because players like myself would lose interest in the game and serves as a crutch for all the dumbass kids from Fortnite.


Hacker Infestation

I already have a lot of prior experience on how to spot cheaters, where to get these cheating tools and the ridiculous amount of time that it takes for an aimbotter can get away with cheating for months or even years at a time. It is an endless cycle because game companies are more concerned about selling you dumbass cosmetics, pay to win economies and their constant SJW pandering. The game doesn’t even have a report function or a replay on how you died. I have generally lost all interest in the game and have given this title the lowest score that I could ever possibly give.

It seems that every single game company wants to cash in this Battle Royale trend and strike while the iron is still hot. It has set a dangerous precedent that even EA must bow down to this consumer demand or risk losing even more of their stock than they already have. They continue to damage their own reputation with their history of pandering to the SJW cancer; that’s right everyone your money is gay now. Let’s not forget that EA were THIS close to nearly losing their Star Wars license to Disney due to their absolute greed. We also haven’t forgotten that one time EA shat on their loyal customers with their Genderfield 5 controversy literally telling us that if we don’t like it, don’t buy it, I honestly couldn’t have said it better myself.

We Wuz Kingz

Before anyone claims that the SJW cunts at EA are not pushing their leftist homo-globo agenda I can easily break it down that even the most average NPC can understand. The game trailer was literally Tumblerized. This screenshot was not edited one single bit. This is 100% legit.

The character designs are disgusting, atrocious and unappealing which matches perfectly with their SJW nature. Because ugly is beautiful and beautiful is ugly. They are seriously going full throttle with this LGBT-AMERIMUTT-ANTI-MASCULINITY bullshit. The best way to describe every single character design in a nutshell.

Banglore – A lesbo nigger monkey.
Lifeline – A weeabo nigger monkey.
Giblartar – A big sumo gay nigger.
Wraith – A corpse bride stronk lesbian.
Bloodhound – An obvious trans.
Pathfinder – A literal binary gay robot.
Caustic – A Nazi gas the Jews.
Mirage – A gay flamboyang sandnigger.


They Hate Us Cuz They Ain’t Us

I would not have even cared if the game was objectively good but this SJW cancer is just adding salt to an already open wound. I would have content but this anti-white agenda is blatantly obvious. I mean, would it have hurt to put one normal white, straight, heterosexual looking character in? Because at least Titanfall forced everyone to hide their fucking monkey hair and puncheable faces behind a mask or a helmet. If you think that I am exaggerating you can read the official online profiles for yourself. The most ironic part about leftist run politics is that it is totally acceptable to be racist towards white people in general. Because apparently being a white male automatically makes you a Nazi. The fact that Caustic and Mirage are locked behind a paywall meanwhile your are forced to choose between a gay robot, a masked trans and a sumo fag goes to show how forced this diversity bullish truly is.

The only final solution would be to simply gas all these faggots and prove them all that we are in fact the master race.

Unfinished Games Are The Norm

EA of course was wise enough to restrain themselves of their greed for the time being and transform it into a Free-To-Play economy instead. Because all they have done is rehash Titanfall 2 into a Overwatch styled shooter being forced into a 3 man squad versus 20 other 3 man squad Battle Royale to the death. The only major reason why BR games were ever popular to begin with was to avoid the autistic toxicity of bearing the sole responsibility of being an online retard wrangler constantly having carry your incompetent teams at your expense. The game suffers from poor netcode, trash hit-detection, constant lag, poor performance, random crashes, constant disconnects, terrible weapon balancing, the game audio doesn’t even sync with your weapon which are the exact same problems that had plagued Titanfall 2.

You can’t even kill your enemies with the melee attack without kicking them several dozen times and even then the attack is so unbelievably buggy that the kicking animation doesn’t even appear on-screen. It is practically a FPS-MOBA more than anything. Because both shotguns, snipers and revolvers are tampon cannons which require you to waste multiple magazines to register the damage. This game doesn’t even require you to aim at all. You are left without a choice but to simply spray and pray. I’ve always had a high accuracy in FPS games and I know when the server is not responding correctly when I am forced to waste my precious time having to fire randomly in a certain general direction. I completely lost my interest the moment it had crashed on me for the third time in a row.

Titanfall 3 Fucking Canned

The video speaks for itself.

The Game That Saved EA

Because the definition of insanity is gaming companies literally making the exact same game, with the exact same problems as before and the fucking idiots that continue to feed this avarice machine that is the modern video game industry. I just can’t seem to have fun anymore with modern video games. It’s NPCs like you that have essentially ruined it for everybody by continuing to preorder games, buying overpriced DLCs and supporting this microtransaction and lootbox bullshit. You idiots are part of the problem.